Farrah Abraham’s Sex Tape Released on Purpose?

Click the image to watch Farrah Abraham sex tape:
Farrah Abraham sex tape

The 21-year old “Teen Mom,” star has been in the news quite often, from her choppy family relationships to the death of her daughter Sophia’s father in a car accident two months before she was born. Now, it seems that the former reality show star filmed a sex tape with porn star James Dean. The question is was the tape leaked to the press or did Farrah Abrahams actually sell the rights and use the leak as a marketing ploy?

According to Abraham she sold the rights to the professionally made video for 1.5 million dollars to Vivid Entertainment. Footage quickly leaked onto the Internet shortly after the deal was made. There is some controversy as to whether the tape was leaked on purpose, but you can certainly see the trailer of “Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom,” online for free.

Farrah supported her decision to sell the professionally made sex tape by saying that it was her body and she wanted to celebrate it. Although the film is professionally made, and the porn star she made it with professional as well, Farrah is taking a lot of flak for putting the video out there in light of being a mother.

Now it seems that the former “Teen Mom,” star is going a bit further, since she was recently caught on camera buying a pregnancy test. James Dean is reported to have said that he wants nothing to do with the pregnancy scandal, and that there is no way Farrah got pregnant when they were filming the sex tape. The newly minted porn star has not made a comment on the current scandal in the making.

A leaked sex tape for any star can be quite a scandal but for a star that is widely known for having a four year old daughter, the scandal is considered even worse. Is that what Farrah Abraham’s was counting on? I guess we will have to wait and see.

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