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Farrah’s life was normal just like any other child and teen. That is until she reached age 16. Farrah found out she was pregnant. During that time, she received some bad news that her boyfriend who she had been seeing for one year-and-a-half had passed away due to a car accident.

Farrah had a lot of stress to deal with due to having this happen to her boyfriend (her daughter’s father) and being pregnant, feeling along. She appeared on the show called “Teen Mom”. This show aired on MTV.

Adding to that stress, the parents of her late boyfriend denied that Sophia, her daughter was even his child. Farrah had to take a paternity test to prove that she was in fact his child. Farrah’s mother ended up hitting Farrah and she had the whole case taken to court. She then started counseling to work out her issues with her feelings towards her family. She also talked to the counselor about her boyfriend who passed away.

Farrah claims that her main goal is to be the most loving mom she can be to her daughter, Sophia. Sophia has become an intelligent and well-behaved child. She is now 3 years old.

At this time, Farrah is back to her acting and modeling. She is currently finishing her dual degree. She is majoring in Culinary Management. Farrah recently launched her family’s recipe of Hot Pepper sauce. The brand they named it is MOM&ME found in Hy-vee supermarkets.

Continuing education is Farrah’s goal while the opening of her first restaurant. Farrah wants her fans to know her passion for working extremely hard is due to their strong support they give her. Farrah has a published book as of August 2012. This book is called ‘My Teenage Dream Ended’. This book is her autobiography.

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Farrah Abraham (born Farrah Abraham on May 31, 1991 in Omaha, Nebraska) is a reality star, author, and aspiring musician and model. She was featured on the MTV series16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom for four seasons. She is also an aspiring musician and has released several experimental pop songs. Farrah has dabbled in pornography, and filmed an adult film with porn star James Deen. Hollywood Life

A high school cheerleader turned single mother, Farrah Abraham is one of four young girls featured on the reality show Teen Mom. Born May 31, 1992, the Iowa native welcomed daughter Sophia in February 2009. Her ex-boyfriend Derek Underwood died in a car accident two months before the Sophia was born. Us Magazine

Farrah Abraham (born in 1992) is a cast member on MTV’s, “16 and Pregnant” and it’s spin-off, “Teen Mom.” She is a former cheerleader from Council Bluffs, Iowa. The father of her child died in a car accident before she gave birth, forcing Abraham to raise the child alone. She gave birth to Sophia Laurent Abraham in February, 2009, when she was 18. TMZ

Farrah Abraham is the star of Teen Mom and the mother of Sophia Laurent Abraham. Sophia’s father (Derek Underwood) was killed in a car crash before her birth. An aspiring model, Farrah is still trying to live life as a normal teen, but she soon realized having a baby changes everything. Farrah tries to remain as social as possible with her friends and dates. She refuses the advice of her sister and mom and gets confrontational whenever someone questions her decision making. The Hollywood Gossip

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