All about “Teen Mom’s” Farrah Abraham

Former “Teen Mom,” star Farrah Abraham’s has been in the news since the day she started the show as a pregnant 16-year old. Farrah’s boyfriend Derek Underwood was killed two months before their daughter Sophia Laurent Abraham was born. Farrah has had a hard life according to sources, citing the fact that her own mother was charged with assault after hitting her daughter in an Iowa courtroom.

As a result of her mother’s assault, Farrah took her daughter and moved out on her own in 2010. Since Derek’s parents questioned whether Sophia even belonged to their son Farrah had a DNA test that proved beyond a shadow of a doubt who her daughter belonged to; which resulted in Derek’s parents suing her for grandparent’s rights to the granddaughter they had never laid eyes on. As a result of her mother’s abuse, Derek’s death, and the lawsuit, Farrah started seeing a therapist to help her cope.

She has written a book that was published and recently sold the rights to a sex tape that she filmed with professional porn star James Dean. The sex tape caused a major scandal with Farrah revealing that she sold the tape so that she could celebrate her awesome body. Despite the sex tape and her early in life pregnancy, Farrah says that she is not a very sexually active person.

The latest scandal involving the recently revealed porn star involves a pregnancy scare with James Dean as the supposed father. James Dean says he has nothing to do with the pregnancy and that you can’t get pregnant THAT way, while Farrah has made no comment at all about the pregnancy or the scandal.
Farrah Abraham made over 1.5 million dollars for that sold sex tape, that was then “leaked” to the press and revealed online. She’s doing pretty well for a poor single mom.

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